The Sun & Earth | Rapid Temperature Forcing

January 20, 2020 by dewhisna

Published on January 20, 2020

This is part 6 of the special series investigating the mechanisms of solar climate forcing. The ace up the sun's sleeve is the evidence of preposterous multi-degree warming events during extreme solar storms, which take weeks to bleed into the ocean and upper atmosphere.

The Sun, Part 1: /media/media/s0_200102-plasma-climate-forcing

Path to the Atmosphere, Part 2: /media/media/s0_200104-path-to-the-atmosphere

Vortex and Jet Streams, Part 3: /media/media/s0_200106-vortex-and-jet-streams

The Sun and the Oceans, Part 4: /media/media/s0_200109-the-sun-and-the-oceans

Tropical Storms, Part 5: /media/media/s0_200114-tropical-storms

Plasma Climate Forcing Finale, Part 7: /media/media/s0_200124-plasma-climate-forcing-finale

The full movie can be found at /media/media/s0-190828-climate-forcing-our-future-is-cold.

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