Watchman Video Broadcast : God, Guns, and Liberty (Part 2 of 2)

October 24, 2015 by dewhisna

Published on Dec 30, 2012

Pastor Mike Hoggard concludes his study about God, Guns and Liberty -- Keeping your weapons, both physical and spiritual.

Proving again that this current government administration doesn't want to let any crises go to waste, the liberals have jumped on new anti-gun legislation following the Sandy Hook massacre. For over 10 years, Eric Holder, Attorney General, has used all kinds of media outlets to vilify good, law-abiding gun owners, promising the government can protect them. Democratic leaders think they finally have a chance to disarm Americans.

Pastor Mike shows us the precedent and outcome of such a situation in the Scriptures. God didn't lie about the outcome then and that truth stands even today. In battle terms, this is part of a pincer movement by the enemy. The other prong has already weakened Christians in this country. Church leaders have told the people to lay down their old King James Bible, "We will tell you what the Bible says from this better translation, or from the Greek and the Hebrew." Don't worry about doctrine, it's more important that we just get along and think well of ourselves.

God is calling on us to fight for the faith and defend our families. We will not lie down and let them confiscate our physical or spiritual weapons.

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