Watchman Video Broadcast : God, Guns, and Liberty (Part 1 of 2)

October 24, 2015 by dewhisna

Published on Dec 23, 2012

Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses God, Guns and Liberty -- Keeping your weapons, both physical and spiritual.

Perhaps like many other Americans, you just grew up with guns. Learning how to shoot and to hunt -- the thought of doing anything evil with a firearm never entered your mind. With the constant bombardment by the liberal media, you may think they have a point, in order to prevent tragedies such as the Sandy Hook massacre.

This video doesn't focus on the readily available stats that prove less guns don't equal more safety. Instead, Pastor Mike studies the Scriptures for an answer to this debate. This is a very important teaching regarding a subject that is guaranteed to touch your life. The same forces that were around when our country was founded are here today, trying their utmost to destroy the liberty and freedom we've enjoyed for more than 200 years.

The devil doesn't mind if you have a Bible, as long as you don't read it or it's some watered down version. Or that you have a Constitution with a Second Amendment, as long as you don't understand why it's important. Pastor Mike doesn't give any high-sounding political arguments, but gets down to basics about what God says in His Word about the use of weapons. If you've already decided where you stand on this issue, find out if your viewpoint lines up with Biblical principles!

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