Bethel 2017-04-16 : Pastor Mike Sings "He's Alive" (Remix)

April 17, 2017 by dewhisna

Published on Apr 16, 2017

By request, this is the audio of Pastor Mike singing "He's Alive" during the Easter Sunday Morning Worship Service at Bethel Church. This was captured from the live-stream Sermon Audio feed. Unfortunately a glitch in their live-feed caused a sync issue between the audio and video streams, so this is audio-only. Praise God, He's Alive. Amen!

This is the Remixed version -- This is my best attempt at remixing the original low-quality mono live-stream broadcast, which is difficult to do without having a proper multi-channel recording to start with. Changes made are:

  • Converted to stereo and synthesized slight stereo panning between the vocals and backing track
  • Noise removal of some loud clicks and background hiss and sounds
  • Normalized to remove some clipping and distortion, though it wasn't possible to remove it all
  • Leveling to increase headroom
  • Split vocals and backing audio to separate channels, applied independent equalization and reverb effects to them, and remixed them to attempt to improve the limited/improper balancing in the original mono stream

It's far from perfect, since the original live-stream broadcast had varying volume levels and some strange phase-shifting going on caused by bitrate shifts in the internet feed, but it's about the best that can be done, or at least the best I can do with it.

For the unedited version, see this link:

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