The French KJV Bible - Meeting The Translator

October 29, 2016 by dewhisna

Published on Oct 9, 2016

Why translating the King James Bible into French when there are already several French Bibles in print?

This French translation was born out of a great burden to have a French translation true to the Holy Scriptures. Indeed, the outrageous changes and corruptions which appear in the modern versions of the Bible give rise to controversies and even to the denying of some of the fundamental Christian doctrines such as salvation through grace by faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the infallibility of the Bible, the Trinity, and the omission of the word “blood” in dozens of verses, just to mention a few of these major errors.

The King James Bible in contrast has had no alterations since the day of its birth in 1611, except for the old English spelling and a few typographical errors. It is recognized as being the pure word of God without error for the English speaking people around the world where it has produced great spiritual revivals for centuries.

This translation is therefore not the revision of an existing French version, neither the translation of Greek or Hebrew manuscripts in French. But a faithful translation (word by word) of the English KJV 1611 into French, in order to make it available to the French-speaking world.

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