Pastor Mike Online 2016-08-25 - CERN: Portal of Baphomet

August 28, 2016 by dewhisna

Published on Aug 25, 2016

CERN Part 2 | CERN Portal Of Baphomet | In today's show, Pastor Mike Hoggard continues the discussion about the hidden meaning and purpose behind the CERN witchcraft ritual! Biblical analysis of the disturbing images from the ritual captured on video, reveal the nature and purpose of what officials at CERN are calling "a mock ritual." Contact us to receive the “CERN” package. Based on this week;s PMO topic, you will receive both Pastor Mike Online shows from August 23 and 25 on DVD, plus the Elements of Wrath DVD series, The Beast of 911 DVD, and all of the audio CD’s from these DVD’s!

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