Coast-to-Coast : Oct 4, 2015 : Geoengineering

October 5, 2015 by dewhisna

Coast To Coast Reports On Geoengineering, An Interview With Dane Wigington

Published on Oct 4, 2015
As the damage from decades of climate engineering increases exponentially, the weather warfare crimes are becoming all but impossible to hide in plain sight any longer. In the just posted link below, Coast to Coast host George Noory and Dane Wigington discuss the long and growing list of threats posed by the ongoing geoengineering assault. The full array of consequences directly related to climate engineering is beyond true understanding or comprehension. The complex systems of the climate are being completely derailed and disrupted by the weather-makers, this is fueling an already bad climate scenario. In addition, the highly toxic heavy metal fallout from the atmospheric spraying is contaminating the entire planet. The public must be awakened to what is occurring in skies around the globe, all of us are needed in the critical battle to raise awareness.

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